Upcoming Projects

What happens when you put augmented reality fully onchain? Permanent, permissionless, digital graffiti.

What happens when you use this new tech to deface an iconic public monument?

Buckle up. Things are about to get weird 🙂




06 Dec. 2023

In partnership with Leila Heller Gallery, we’re presenting two, first-of-their kind XR artworks.

The first uses real-time EEG to reflect a viewer’s brainwaves in the art. The second uses spatial video to tell the poignant story of a man and a fish.

watr: a maxi cohen show


06 Dec. 2023


An exploration of mixed reality as an entirely new artistic medium.

Immersive, gravity-defying sculptures visuals paired with resonant soundscapes. Narrative, spatial videos paired with Debussy. All things felt more deeply thanks to AR headsets and haptic vests.



12 Apr. 2023



William Wong


William is general partner at DAP Capital, a digital art fund started in 2021. He is passionate about identifying trends that utilize technology to enhance user experiences in the Arts. William’s previous startup successfully partnered with Viacom to create a vibrant dance music community in India using then emerging mobile engagement strategies. William sees Mixed Reality packaged with the blockchain as the killer combination that AR and VR have so far been unable to deliver to digital art.


Monster Mike

creative lead

monster mike is an artist and technologist with a strong love for Web3. in his first year as a professional, he has cultivated a fiery online community (shoutout to jeff town), and painted a mural in wynwood for art basel.

He is proud to have been featured in the genesis Dart.nyc show, where his mixed-reality animation brought several to tears. mike is excited to help guide the digital vandalism movement with fully on chain ar.


Zoe Bisquay


With over a decade of marketing experience in France and the USA, Zoé has established herself as an expert in digital and social media. Her interest for both art and design realm, coupled with her curiosity for new discoveries, fuels her drive to explore the boundless possibilities of Mixed Reality; fascinated by its potential to create immersive experiences that deeply resonate with people.